Thermal Inkjet NT 160

Model NT 160 Operating System linux
Nozzle qty available 1-6 heds with half inch/1inch nozzle Material alumunium casing
Printing Height 12.7mm/ 25.4mm/ 50mm or more Dimension 210*110*40 mm
Printing Head Type TIJ (Thermal Inkjet nozzl) Printing Resolution 150/ 300/ 600 dpi
Screen 7 inch touch screen Printing Speed 40meter/ min
Counter 1-15 digit Throw Distance 2-5mm
Ink Type Fast dry, water-based, oily Ink Cartridge Capacity 47ml
Fast Dry Ink Color red/ yellow/ blue/ green/ orange/ black/ invisible ink
Water-based Ink Color red/ yellow/ blue/ green/ black/ invisible ink
Power Supply 16V 3A/5A Handwriing Function available
Printing Content QR code, bar-code, date, time, series no., graphic, LOGO, character and dot matrix, etc.
Language English Input Ethod Editor 14 language input ethod editor
Application sheet material, carton, pipe, cable, metal, plastic bag, can, bottle, etc.

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